We have delivered solutions to customers in the following industries:

Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Our projects include solutions for performance monitoring in operations as well as finance. Key dashboard indicators enable our clients to measure the pulse of all production facilities rapidly as well as drill down to a transactional level of detail.
  • Our analytics projects include finance and operations planning solutions for sales inventory operations planning (SIOP), demand planning, production capacity, production line operations, lineside velocity, bill of materials (BOM) planning, master production scheduling, shift scheduling, production and co-production, finished goods deployment, transportation/ freight and warehousing.
Retail & Hospitality
  • Immediate visibility to leading and lagging indicators enable our customers to manage sales, costs, margins and inventory with a greater degree of certainty.
  • Retail and Hospitality customers often spend valuable time on low-value activities like data input and manual adjustments. Our projects enable our customers to focus on high-value activities like performance analysis, cost analysis, market basket analysis, upsell and cross-sell. Our solutions also eliminate time lag wasted on inaccurate forecasts and planning.
  • Our projects deliver robust standardized dashboards and reports along with the ability for users to rapidly build dashboards on demand. The inclusion of predictive analytics, machine Learning and real-time data availability enables customers to maximize performance and profitability.
Financial Services
  • Our financial services solutions are delivered to investment banks, trading companies, retail and commercial banks, and insurance companies.
  • Investment and trading companies require margin analysis, equity positions and sector performance from all clearing house data with central securities depositories. Traders use transactional data to analyze all positions independently as well as drive trade decisions. Aggregated performance indicators project trading gains/ losses. Detailed drill down analysis enables traders to analyze critical data and gain visibility to risk exposure. Predictive analytics helps fund managers analyze trades with increased certainty.
  • Our solutions for banking customers project their credit risk exposure, business unit composition and rating model classification. Retail banks and credit unions also analyze detailed exposure patterns and bank revenues across loan and profile types.
Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences
  • Our projects deliver solutions across the life cycle spectrum within the Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences and Bio-Tech industries.
  • Our solutions for commercial finance provide detailed data for global pricing analysis and funding of operational divisions. Our customers require the ability to analyze detailed data related to marketing, commercial sales, clinical trials, human resources, inventory, spend management and manufacturing. In the office of finance, our solutions provide detailed forecasting and long-range planning capabilities across multiple divisions with multi-national organizations.
  • Commercial operations projects deliver performance analytics and planning capabilities for sales and distribution channels as well as Inter-company pricing between different national regulatory environments.
  • Our manufacturing and inventory solutions enable our customers to manage pharmaceutical materials traceability and inventory genealogy for production and finished goods deployment. Transactional visibility to supply chain data helps our clients manage inventory and on time delivery effectively. Our solutions provide drug erosion and expiration analytics which improve our client’s operational efficiency and topline growth.
  • Validated system solutions include drug safety and medical samples tracking which enable our clients to meet federal regulations for reporting of medicine accountability and drug reactions. Often these solutions include master data management solutions to eliminate duplicate entity records across multiple transactional systems.
  • Analytics used to drive strategic decisions in new therapeutic research, related costs and commercial funding for key opinion leaders and medical scientist interactions drive our R&D solutions.
Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Our CPG solutions are typically delivered to meet the seasonal cycle of our customers. Our solutions are focused on demand planning, rough cut production planning, seasonal pack planning, manufacturing, deployment, transportation, inventory and warehousing.
  • Detailed historical data is used to analyze production and sales performance as well as multiple cost models driving margins. Predictive analytics models are deployed to identify consumer buying patterns and areas for upsell. Our projects include retail consumption data to help our CPG customers identify pricing gaps, consumer behavior and brand loyalty.
  • Our CPG solutions in the office of finance include mapping of sub-ledger transactions to the chart of accounts for financial analysis of all operations. Our solutions enable our CPG clients in finance to realize improved profit margins through improved procurement analytics. Our solutions deliver faster procurement indicators and planning cycles through access to real time commodities and supplier pricing.
  • Our manufacturing solutions deliver analytics used to improve factory capacity, production scheduling, inbound and outbound management, co-manufacturing, Bill of Materials management and seasonal pack manufacturing.
  • Our transportation, inventory (pallets) and warehousing solutions enable our CPG clients to deploy finished products effectively using optimized lanes for road, rail and sea freight to Distribution centers and warehouses. Our warehousing and pallets analytics minimize our clients waste of expired products and brite packaged stock.
Energy Including: Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities, & Mining
  • Oil & Gas: Our solutions for Oil & Gas enable our clients to monitor energy extraction in real time. Sensors monitoring telemetry of articulating drills and equipment in the field and offshore stream data to dashboards in real time. Analytics projecting production efficiency as well as equipment performance enables clients to manage their operations efficiently. Maintenance requirements and downtime are managed through advanced analytics and predictive models which helps our clients perform advance maintenance. Our Oil & Gas clients who manufacture drills and tools use our production solutions for Materials (BOM) planning, factory capacity and line efficiency.
  • Midstream: Our solutions for our midstream clients provide analytics for effective management of pipeline operations from the field to the refineries. Our solutions include blockchain for automated ledger transacting across the midstream supply chain.
  • Power & Utilities - Electricity: Our solutions for Power & Utilities clients include analytics enabling our clients to perform demand and supply planning in order to trade electricity with the national grid. Leading and lagging indicators help our clients monitor real time electricity generation effectively through thermal, hydro and wind channels. Consumer analytics provide usage and maintenance data including reliability performance indicators. Our projects provide analytics use for system average interruption indexing (SAIDI/ SAIFI). Our Net Energy Metering (NEM) solutions provide analytics measuring customer counts and capacity growth as well as excess power credits for power returned to the grid. Analytics include monthly kW and cumulative values, cost shift estimates, battery storage indicators and management of NEM cap.
  • Power & Utilities - Gas: Our solutions for Gas utilities provide analytics used by our clients to measure usage, maintenance and safety. Our real time analytics solutions enable our clients to view aggregated and transactional gas usage data. Gas leakage data provides leak backlog analytics for repair costs, damage indicators and CPUC deadline management. Safety analytics include categorization of emergency, non-emergency and third-party leak analytics.
  • Power & Utilities – Smart Meters: Our utilities clients use our solutions to stream real time smart meter data to dashboards and reports. Data collected is stored in a data lake platform as well as a data model architecture for long term access by operations divisions. Our clients query smart meter data to analyze usage and billing data on demand.
  • Mining: Our mining solutions provide our clients with analytics for management of yield and corresponding costs of mining operations. Our finance solutions deliver formulas and indicators for mining companies to fund operations for drilling, equipment, location headcount and accommodation, transportation and safety. Analytics streaming market commodity prices and precious metal demand are used daily for shift operations. Our mining customers include open surface coal mining (drag line), gold mining (deep shaft), platinum, potash, sand (for Oil drilling) and diamond mining.

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